Disinfection protection for people – shielding in public spaces

The corona virus forces us to wait for a vaccine. By then the pandemic had already made it clear that the way we treat our fellow human beings would change completely. Disinfection, keeping a distance, thorough hand cleaning, wearing a nose and mouth protection as well as other measures to reduce the risk of infection will have to be part of our new, solidary everyday routines in our global society.

Exponoria solutions also beyond Corona

The maxim of all our actions is determined by our promise that we always have tailor-made solutions for your trade fairs, events, catering or shop facilities – even in crises. With the partners of our long-standing network and the regular controls by our quality management, we ensure that public appearances with the right security measures are also possible in the future. That is why we have two product lines at the start for you and your fellow human beings:

Public Protect

Exponoria Public Protect: with spacers, innovative, mobile screen solutions for public and medical spaces, digital guidance systems up to counter displays and more.

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Personal Care

Exponoria Personal Care: with all products for the protection of employees, customers, nursing and rescue workers and others. Everything from disinfection stations to complete protective equipment

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