Tiny ecological footprint, tremendous impact

Introducing: Spectacular flooring for your show. A presentation your customers will remember for years to come. Use it as a starting point for your conversation. Create entire landscapes or even galaxies on its surface or add elegant accents with prints on a wide range of materials including wood, felt and much more.

Flooring – Quick and easy to install without tools
It’s all possible with a system of floor panels similar to Lego building blocks. The panels are self-supporting thanks to an intelligent connector system. Unsightly cables can be stowed underneath the panels. The surface is always smooth and appealing, even on uneven ground! Panels feature a leveled exterior to avoid edges guests could trip over. This means that our flooring is also wheelchair accessible.

10 advantages of Exponoria flooring at a glance

  • Sustainable – C2C = Cradle to Cradle®-certified.
    For more information, see Fair for Future
  • Flooring for any stand and any size area
  • Install and disassemble without tools thanks to floor panels similar to the Lego building block system
  • Panels stay put and remain smooth on any type of ground surface without carpet glue
  • Unique cable ducts on the bottom of the flooring
  • Large selection of printable floor materials: felt, wood
  • Easy to disassembly and transport
  • Accessible thanks to leveled edges